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Use our auto-machine to pump out fiat money and cryptocurrencies from any websites shareware

The main token of the Definova platform is reproduced naturally by replacing the work of a person when working in a browser through bots, as well as through an innovative learning system and DEFI 2.0, WEB 2.0 and WEB 3.0

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Smart Contract


DEFI 2.0






WEB 3.0


Choose Any Cyborg For Free

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How It Works

Follow the steps below

Step 1

Choose Station

Choose the stages of training that suit you by level

Step 2

Deposit DFN Tokens

Buy tokens on PancakeSwap and deposit to your personal account

Step 3

Start to Learn

Upgrade your abilities and knowledge on cryptocurrency stage

Step 4

Choose Cyborg

And control software panel to massive attack on any planet

Step 5

Refill the Energy

For the constant maintenance of cyborgs in combat readiness

Step 6

Start to Earn

Let cyborgs earn you money automatically or complete your tasks

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We are developing and looking for partners all over the world for integrations

DefiNova Token

Utility token for DeFiNova Platform


    Definova is here to serve its community, especially those who believe in us! Owning DFN will grant users access to our automatic softwares and learning system.


    When you succeed, we succeed. Lock your token or become liquidity providers on DEX platforms such as Pancakeswap or Biswap to earn yield!


    Users can use special automatic software to earn more money or do something specific that they'd like to expluatate

0.00857048 $

Initial Price


Initial Cap


Total Supply

One Platform for ALL

Token Address: 0x1e1DB619834036435bEbE71574589b21e4EDDd2d
Name: DefiNova
Ticker: DFN
Decimals: 18/8
Total supply: 1 000 000 000 DFN
Type: Use-to-Earn
Protocol: BEP-20
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Additional mechanisms: Burn, Mint and Pause


1% – Liquidity (will increase in every use of apps)

49% – Community & Ecosystem

10% – Marketing & New Bots

20% – Burn, 5% in a Quartal

10% – Developers. Team 

10% – Partnership

Each token’s use inside cyborgs burns their number out of the total supply.
Thereby causing a deficiency and positively affecting to the exchange rate.

100% of the funds excluding commissions in the BSC network will be burned with each replenishment of the DFN through the platform.
This will create an even greater shortage of tokens in circulation and will constantly reduce Definova Circulating Supply.
Therefore, the token will become more and more valuable with each use.

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As DeFi Grows - Definova Evolves

The Definova platform is a cutting-edge innovation. Designed with the modern crypto-investors and automatic software lovers needs in mind. Our mission is to empower you to learn crypto and use automatic control panels to earn more money in ONE place while utilizing the ever-evolving features of our comprehensive dashboard.


You can choose cyborgs to control them and earn more profit from planets


You can learn skills in crypto stations and earn more DFN tokens

GameFi Ready

Track your GameFi assets, Learn skills, Stake & Trade your tokens

DeFi 2.0

Encouragement for staking and liquidity farming

Pay For Useful Action

The mechanics of paying for any useful actions inside bots

NFT Ready

Use of consumables for bots in the form of NFT and game items

Meet the Team

The Definova founding team is a combination of experienced innovators, who share a deep passion for blockchain technology and an obsession with optimizing user experience.
Our mission is to make DefiNova the world’s gold-standard for crypto asset-management and automatic software implementation

Pavel Duglas


Anton Tretyakov


Vitaliy Shaha

Backend Developer

Vlad Ponkratov

Lead Developer

Vlad Lipstein

CTO / Lead Developer

Karina Polyakova

Junior Developer


  • Stage 1 - New Born

     •Definova is born ✅
    • Initial development of the Definova Platform Webapp ✅
    • Token launch on BSC ✅
    • Liquidity added 0.01% of Total Supply on PancakeSwap✅
    • Initial development of the Definova Automated Bots with DFN✅
    • Token website ✅
    • Social media channels ✅
    • Initial Marketing (Coin ratings, coin services listings) ✅
    • TechRate Free Audit Passed ✅
    • Whitepaper✅

  • Stage 2 - Definova App

    • GameFI development and testing
    • Pre-Alpha version of Platform and Focus group testing
    • Platform App and Automated Bots video demonstration
    • Staking contract launch on BSC
    • Introducing staking on platform
    • Core team formation/Launch NFT Marketplace х
    • Apply for CMC and CoinGecko listings (if volumes will be high)
    • 1000 HOLDERS

  • Stage 3 - Marketing & PR

    • TechRate or Coinmooner audit
    • Paid ads on multiple platforms
    • Influencers Promotions
    • Mass Media Articles
    • Major press releases and influencer-marketing partnerships
    • CMC and CoinGecko listings (if volumes will be high)
    • 5000 Holders

  • Stage 4 - Improvements of Environment & Additional GameFI mechanics

    • App improvements based on community feedback,
    • New app features,
    • A series of video AMAs
    • 20000 Holders

  • Stage 5

    • Definova 2.0 launch
    • Huge marketing push in Q4 2022
    • CEX Listing

  • Stage 6

     • Expansion of the app to other networks
    (Cardano, ETH, Polygon, KuCoin),
    • Binance listing,
    • To a parallel universe! The moon is overrated.
    [Already happening]

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