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About Us

Welcome to Definova!

⏺️ Definova is the world’s leading Bot Marketplace connecting automation software developers (RPAs), users and advertisers.

Our marketplace offers a huge selection of bots and automation software to help you and your business reach new heights. Our bots are designed to solve multiple tasks and challenges in different areas, while our automated software will help you optimize your processes and increase your productivity. We work only with trusted developers and provide you with the highest quality bots. Our team of professionals is ready to provide you with the best solution for your business needs. Join us and get access to the latest technologies and innovations!

Each user can choose any bot of their choice in the catalog and use it for FREE, paying only for results or for FREE.
Each bot running on a computer makes the Definova network mightier, stronger and safer squared.

The more users in the system, the lower the commission for paying for useful actions.

Developers have the right to place their software creations in the catalog with a choice of placement type.

At the moment there are 2 types of software placement:

1️⃣ Payment for useful actions
2️⃣ Monthly Payment

Each bot is thoroughly checked before placement to avoid malware and third-party dangerous software.

Advertisers have the right to order advertising in the installed bots from users with their consent, for this additional commission is paid to the user at activation.

Project presentation: https://youtu.be/NrJQCe0_AHs

We are an IT company
We develop digital virtual assistants for business, earnings, other tasks and support the work of the largest marketplace.

We also train newbies in bot building, teach how to earn with AI and automation, and provide ready-made templates of automated scripts for work.

Basic bots are created on Browser Automation Studio builder, Python, Javascript.

🦾 The main mission of the project: to help all people on the planet Earth to automate routine actions on the Internet in order to save your time 100% and spend it on more important things, such as family, relatives, friends, relatives, acquaintances.

🚀 Everyone can automate the routine on the Internet with the help of Bots we believe in it and bring everyone such a tool.

💲 Earning from such tools is already a secondary task of each user.

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