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2023-10-13 08:57:29

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Added:2023-10-12 19:23:42
Dear users! We present you a unique chat parser, which has a powerful functionality and a wide range of features. Our bot is capable of parsing participants of both open and closed chat rooms. Moreover, we have several useful filters that will make your work much easier. You will be able to select active participants, all participants, or just parsing message history. Moreover, you will be able to get full information about each participant, which will make your work much easier. However, our bot is not limited to parsing chat participants only. It can also parsing commenters in channels. You can easily find chats by searching our global database, which already has more than 100,000 rows. In addition, our bot can search by geolocation of participants and chats, which opens up additional possibilities for filtering your database. You will also be able to apply filters by participants' biography and gender. And most importantly, our service offers convenient and safe payment options. You can use a Russian bank card such as Mir/Visa/MasterCard, YooMoney or Telegram Wallet. Payment via USDT trc20 is also available. Don't miss the opportunity to improve the quality of your work with our chat parser.
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Запросы (HTTP-Requests)
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Многопоточный (Multithread)
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